Cover Reveal: Vengeance Bound by Justina Ireland and Simon & Schuster

We are organizing a cover reveal for the YA paranormal novel, VENGEANCE BOUND, by Justina Ireland and Simon and Schuster. The cover reveal is set for Tuesday, August 28, 2012. If you would like to participate in the reveal, please fill out this form. Participants will receive the posting information 1-2 days before the reveal date. The expected release date is April 2, 2013.
TOUR: We will also be organizing an ARC blog tour for VENGEANCE BOUND scheduled for March 25-April 6, 2013. Tour sign-ups and information will be posted at a later date this fall.

Book description:

Revenge is not always sweet.

Amelie Ainsworth had no choice. She prayed for help. The Furies were the ones to answer her call.
She owes Them her life.

But They are too powerful. Amelie can no longer justify giving in to Their dark urges.

Can she ever be normal with Them in her head?

Starting fresh at yet another school, Amelie meets new people. Good people like Niko, who could offer her something more than vengeance.

But They are not finished with Amelie, and They do not handle rejection well…