Promotional Event: Hemlock Pond by Alan Nayes


We are offering the opportunity to participate in a promotional event for the novel, HEMLOCK POND, by Alan Nayes. Those who would like to participate will have an excerpt to post and offer the below giveaway anytime between September 13 through October 4, 2012. If you would like to participate, please fill out this quick form to be sent the posting information.

Giveaway per blog: (1) eBook copy of HEMLOCK POND. Winner’s will receive a Smashwords coupon code. Open International

Participants may handle the giveaway however they would like. All winners MUST be turned in by Wednesday, October 10th. Use this link to submit your winner’s name, email where to gift the ebook, and the link to your post/giveaway. All winner information will be submitted to the author at one time after the Oct. 10th submissions.

Megan Parker and her young son move into an old farmhouse with a haunted pond on the property. But they find there is more living in the pond than only fish and turtles. Far more…

Megan soon discovers the dark curse of Hemlock Pond will touch her family in ways she never could have imagined.