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*If you are an author: Please do not sign-up as a blog tour participant please. Tour participants are to be blog reviewers only*  Authors are welcome to participate in other promotional events such as cover reveals and promotional opportunities.



AToMR’s goal is to provide exposure to book titles and make good book/reader connections. While reviews are wonderful for authors and help provide information to potential readers, not everyone is able to read all the books they would like. AToMR Tours is designed for review blogs to participate whether the book is to be reviewed or if a blogger simply would like to participate and help get the word out concerning different titles to their readers. In the spirit of this, AToMR authors will provide review copies to those interested in reviewing the book for a tour.  For those that prefer to only do a promotional post, AToMR will not spam you and send a review copy. Some tours will offer print copies for review. For a print copy (if offered) you need to have a minimum of 300 blog followers (unless otherwise stated on the sign-up post/form) to receive PRINT copies and actively posting on your blog. Print copies will be up to AToMR’s discretion if there is a limited amount available. There is not a follower requirement to participate in tours and events.

As a review blog selected to participate on a tour, you will receive two emails concerning the tour.

  • The initial email is sent as notice you have been selected to participate in the tour. It provides details about the tour and the tour schedule with your assigned date you chose and post type. At this time, if you have a scheduling conflict, please reply to that email and AToMR will happily move your posting date to another day during the tour. Tour schedules are always posted to the tour site for that tour if anyone wants to check back to see who is on the tour schedule.
  • The final email will come within the week before the tour with any changes that have been made, giveaway information, your specific guest posts, etc. Tour Guidelines will always accompany the emails so you can easily find information about how the tours are structured or what you need to do about giveaways, etc. Below are the general guidelines so you have an idea of what to expect as an AToMR Tour participant.
  • AToMR does check tour posts daily and updates the link to the tour schedule on this site. If a scheduled post is not visible the morning of the scheduled day, that blog is sent a reminder email. Things get hectic and sometimes a reminder helps or a date needs to be changed. Please make sure to communicate back through that email. Not posting on tours without communication will affect participation on future tours.


1) Please have your post up in the morning of your scheduled date and make it the TOP post at least in the morning of your scheduled day if you have more than one post that day. ** Blogs that do not post on tours will be sent a reminder email. Please make sure to email back so your link is updated the tour schedule.

2) Giveaways: AToMR will provide a Rafflecopter code for all blogs to offer a giveaway. The actual giveaways will vary depending on the author. Some tours and events may be handled differently but there will be information explaining on the post and emails.

3) Provide a link to the master tour schedule in your post. This will be provided in the final tour email to you.
4) After reading the book and you are scheduled to do a review, if you would give it less than 3 stars (the book is less than OK), please let me know ASAP. You will be provided another post for your stop or asked to post a spotlight for the tour instead. Please feel free to post your review on your own once the tour ends. Also, please post reviews to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, wherever else you post.

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